Products That Were Worth It

March 8, 2023

As someone who spends a lot of time online and shares a good portion of her life online, I am constantly being asked where something is from or my review of a product. I am also easily prone to falling for good marketing and branding. So, it felt like the perfect time for a blog […]

As someone who spends a lot of time online and shares a good portion of her life online, I am constantly being asked where something is from or my review of a product. I am also easily prone to falling for good marketing and branding. So, it felt like the perfect time for a blog post where I deep dive into the products that I have purchased or been gifted that are quote-on-quote worth it. 

Products That Were Worth It

Before we dive into the fun stuff, I wanted to talk about consumption and really the overconsumption so many of us are guilty of. Weird timing to be telling you not to shop, I know, but I never want you to think that by having these items your life will radically improve. Yes, good washcloths might make your nighttime routine more enjoyable, but they won’t turn you into a morning person or make you happier. The reality is none of these items are “worth it” if you already have something that works for you. If it isn’t broken don’t buy a new one. Or, if you don’t have disposable income to spend on these items, don’t think you are missing out.

I like to include these disclaimers on any shopping content on my blog because taking that moment to pause might just be what you need. 

Products That Were Worth It 

Items That are Worth the Cost

Caraway Pans: I was given a discount in exchange for posting about these pans in 2020, but would recommend them to anyone. You do have to cook on low heat, so for things that I need to sear or cook at a high temp, I use my cast iron pan. 

Sheertex Tights: there is nothing more frustrating than ripping your tights after only one wear. I have now had these tights for over a year, wearing them frequently, and I still don’t have a single run or tear. The claim that these don’t rip has held up for me! 

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: I love a good beauty product, but there are only a few that I repurchase year after year and this is one. I see a noticeable difference when I use this mask and my skin feels amazing! I have been using this since 2018 and have no plans to stop. Highly recommend using it before a big event. 

Blue Apron: there are a lot of meal kit options, and I have tried quite a few. Blue Apron is my favorite because of its variety, simple recipes, and fresh ingredients. The other boxes I used just didn’t stack up, especially for the price points. 

Olive and June Press-Ons: I feel like a broken record with this one because I can’t shut up about these press-ons to everyone. If you want a simple way to have cute nails that won’t leave them damaged or take an hour to do then I highly recommend trying these out! They even sell them at Target now. 

Fresh Sends Flowers: I received flowers from a friend last year from Fresh Sends, and it was probably my favorite flower delivery ever. If you want to make someone feel extra special and know the quality will be perfect then order from them. 

Golden Coil Planners: I have an entire post dedicated to this planner company. I have been gifted my past two planners but before that, I was purchasing from Golden Coil and would continue to do so. 

Merit Products: this brand came out of nowhere and truthfully their ads for a free makeup bag were what had me so inclined to buy from them. Spoiler alert the free makeup bag was nothing special, but the makeup and skincare products have been. I will be repurchasing from them soon. 

Billie Razors: I used to purchase my razors in bulk from Target and always picked whichever had the best lotion bar on it. Now I am fully converted and these razors work so much better than anything else I have used. I also love the wipes from them and think the price point on both of these items is better than any other brand for quality. 

Furbo Dog Camera: this dog camera has saved my dog’s life on more than one occasion and also is a fun way to keep an eye on your dog when you aren’t home. The Furbo will alert you to things like barking, crashing noises, smoke in the house, or spotting a person. I recommend buying this on sale during Black Friday, they always do a massive discount. 

Stanley Cup: Can a $40 water bottle ever be worth it? I am still not sure, but I was gifted this and use it literally every day. I am even sad when I leave it at home by accident. Personally, I think this is a great item to gift. 

Bamboo Washcloths: I have had these since 2018 and have not needed to replace them. They are soft and wash well. 

Thuma Bed: this is probably my highest price point item on the list and it’s one I feel so strongly about. This bed was so easy to put together, one person could do it, and there are no tools required at all. I love that the pillow board is washable and I can get different covers if it shows a lot of wear. Furniture is something I want to have for a very long time, so investing in it is important. 

And stay tuned because tomorrow I will be sharing items I have bought that were NOT worth it.

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