5 Things To Let Go Of for a Happier Year

New year, new you right? We are inundated with goals of who we want to be and things we want to accomplish, but does that mean we are really growing or bettering ourselves? Every January 1, for as long as I can remember, I make a list of the things I want to do or changes I want to make and most of them are never achieved or more common than not, they develop into a new goal. We all want to eat a little less Taco Bell, work out a little bit more, and try to pick up some new skills that will bring us happiness.

Not this year, though.

This is the year that we do less than the year before. As much as I love taking on new internships and attempting new projects, I am taking a lesson from my mom and doing less. With this in mind, I have decided to let go of a few things — 5 to be exact. These won’t all apply to you, but taking on a little less and making it a priority to bring the good in your life to the forefront of your every day is what everyone deserves to accomplish.

5 Things To Let Go Of

  1. Opportunities that don’t speak to you. Dump those internships that aren’t what you really want. I have heard from so many people to take advantage of everything that comes your way. Write that extra article, take on the extra 5 hours a week for a random company, apply to ten more things. Well, not this year. In fact, I have been saying no more than ever. I want to focus my efforts on what I really want to accomplish.

  2. Digital clutter. “Put it in the bin” has become my all time favorite phrase because anytime someone asks me what to do with a random item or old clothes, I know exactly what my response is. Now I am finally applying that to my computer. I have been suffering the never-ending problem of my computer having no space. It is cluttered with old papers, random photos, and every imessage I have ever sent. Goodbye digital clutter.

  3. Books. After moving last year, I realized that I don’t have that much stuff, besides clothing. But the biggest hassle was my book collection. I paired that collection down a lot, but I am committed to making that stick this year and getting rid of just a few more. With graduation coming up, I want to be able to easily pick up and move to wherever my next adventure takes me. These books were holding me back. Do you struggle to let go of books or another category of “stuff”?

  4. People who don’t add to your life. I am all about having friends and family that make your life happier or more worthwhile, but you know those people who just bring you down and contribute negatively. I need less of those people in my life. This doesn’t mean I never talk to them again, but I am definitely investing less time in those relationships that aren’t bringing me joy.

  5. Negativity. Whether you have become someone who is negative towards yourself or your friends (in real life or online), it’s time to let that go. We all have this problem of dragging each other down with our negativity, and I encourage you to take this opportunity with me this year and approach it with a clean slate. It’s time to add positivity into your own life and others, and the best way to do that is to rid yourself of your own negativity. Let it go already.

By letting go of these 5 things in my life I hope to gain a plethora of others. Let’s keep the door open for all the adventures to come.


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