Savor the Summer

We’ve been hearing this on every insta post and inspirational blog. As school nears and summer comes to an end, it is important to make the most of every day! I always find it funny that summer is gone in a blink of an eye, but winter seems to last for an eternity. Outside of my regular days of work… View Post

The Case of the Missing Boots

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening. I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite time of the year, but it is definitely a shopping highlight. Not only does this sale have amazing markdowns, but it also serves as a reminder that summer is coming to an end and the season of comfy sweaters and scarves is coming. As much as… View Post

Weekend Reads

I had an amazing time last weekend in NYC for the annual Her Conference. This event featured some of my favorite women in the media industry including Joyce Chang, and panelists who gave insights on how they got where they are and what you can do during college and after graduation to have your dream career. The number one thing I… View Post

Twenty Something Insecurities

I have officially been in Boston for over a month now and have a little less than that until I head back home to Salt Lake City. This has been my first experience leaving a bubble, something that may seem surprising to friends and family. While yes I went to college and yes I lived abroad in Australia for a… View Post

Weekend Reads

This week has been absolutely crazy! Her Conference is next weekend and I couldn’t be more excited or more swamped with work. Here is what I have been checking out this week. The Her Conference agenda of course.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, need I say more? Jess’s beautiful orange dress! This article about your dream job. All of these cocktails… View Post

Let’s Talk Pink Drink

Starbucks has really embraced the fact that customers will buy whatever they make. There is seemingly no end to the new flavors and unique twists. From the week-long limited edition drinks, to items only served after 3PM, they have sorted out how to create everything their customers want to consume. I am no exception to this consumption. One of the… View Post

Six Summer Must Haves

The 80 degree mornings and iced lattes are back. Summer is officially in full swing. Walking around Boston has me people watching and more than that it has me outfit watching. I love grabbing a fro yo or coffee and sitting outside where I can watch people walk up and down Newbury Street. Here are a few of the summer… View Post

Never Ending Netflix: 3 Rules to Becoming More Productive

I love Netflix. You know how Oprah loves bread? Well, that’s how I feel about Netflix. I joke that I’ve seen everything on Netflix, but the truth is I am definitely running out of content to watch. That got me thinking .. what could I do with all that time? I could probably spend more time reading, crafting, developing my… View Post

Weekend Reads

Beyond excited for the 4th of July weekend! It’s going to be busy in Boston and some of the celebrations have already begun. What are you doing to celebrate? Loving this DIY This house is literally goals. This weekend in Montauk travel guide is a must read! July 4th is basically here, check out this post for outfit inspiration. These… View Post

The Time I Slept On a Roof

Airbnb has opened up a whole new way to travel. It offers inexpensive places to stay that don’t require sharing a room with 30 other people like you sometimes have to do when staying at  hostels. The site has created a community for travelers so they can experience a new city on the local level by inviting people into their… View Post