I Tried the Celery Juice Trend

March 18, 2019

I am writing this on my first day without celery juice in two weeks, and I feel as if I am about to write a love letter to celery. If you have been on the internet in the past two months, then you may have seen a lot of hype about celery juice. I decided […]

I am writing this on my first day without celery juice in two weeks, and I feel as if I am about to write a love letter to celery. If you have been on the internet in the past two months, then you may have seen a lot of hype about celery juice. I decided to put celery juice to the test by drinking celery juice every morning for two weeks, even while traveling. Here’s what I learned and what you need to know about celery juice.

What You Need to Know About Celery Juice

This whole trend started with The Medical Medium, who has since written a book exclusively about celery if you are wanting to learn more about it, I recommend starting there. Essentially celery juice has shown amazing results for the following 12 things:

  1. Lovers inflammation
  2. Supports weight loss
  3. Helps heal digestion
  4. Reduces bloating
  5. Helps eczema & psoriasis
  6. Fights infections
  7. Helps prevent UTI’s
  8. Healing for acne
  9. Prevents high blood pressure
  10. Helps lower high cholesterol
  11. Helps prevent ulcers
  12. Protects liver health

Again I recommend reading even more about it in the Medical Medium’s book.

The Rules

Drink freshly juiced celery in the morning before anything else. 12-18 ounces should do the trick. Then wait 30 minutes before eating. That’s it! You should not be drinking a smoothie with celery or mixing it with anything else. If you can’t tolerate the taste of straight celery juice, cut it with a little bit of cucumber or apple juice (also fresh squeezed).

My Experience

Celery juice does not taste that bad. This was my biggest hesitation with trying the trend and honestly, it just tastes like water with some strange flavoring. I had no trouble sipping on this first thing in the morning. The next thing to note is that the celery juice really messed with my stomach for the first few days. This is common when you are first trying celery juice because it is detoxifying the liver so all the bad must go out. TMI, you will poop basically first thing after drinking the juice each day. After the first three days, my stomach felt normal again.

Some benefits I noticed right away included:  

A little burst of energy in the morning. I started having my morning coffee in the afternoon or not at all. I also noticed that I was snacking less because having my breakfast thirty minutes after waking up made me eat a more substantial meal and therefore I didn’t need as many snacks to get me to lunch or dinner.

My skin began clearing up. I had gotten a few pimples from traveling and they are now non-existent.

Quick-Detox: The other big thing was that if I had been drinking the night before or eating absolute crap, the celery juice flushed all that out first thing in the morning.

All in all, I had an extremely positive experience over the past two weeks and am missing my celery this morning.

Will I Continue Drinking Celery Juice?

celery juice and fitness outfit

You guys, this is the hardest question for me! I had this great positive celery experience, but with it came the fact that my life became all about celery. It was literally all I could talk about, and no one wants to talk about celery! If I continue drinking celery juice, it probably won’t be every single day, because some days I just want to be able to forget about celery.

The second thing that needs to happen if I continue is that I need a juicer in my life. Throughout this process, I had been blending up celery and then squeezing it through a nut bag every single day. Although it’s not that hard to do and a great alternative to having a juicer, I cannot do that for the rest of my life. So next time you hear me talk about celery juice, hopefully, I’ll be talking about a juicer too.

Do You Recommend Drinking Celery Juice?

YES, Absolutely! There is hardly any risk. Worst case scenario you’ll be getting some extra greens in, and best case, you are getting all the benefits listed above. Definitely, give this trend a try and don’t be surprised if you want to write a love letter to celery juice too.

A couple of other bloggers I follow tried celery juice and I loved their opinions and takes on it. If you are looking for more go check them out.

Noelle Downing

The Glitter Guide


Photos by Camber Weiss. 

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  1. Michele Goodson says:

    I am not knocking celery juice. I am a strong believer in trying things like this. However, I can not help but wonder how many of the same benefits might be achieved by following the same celery juice protocol, but with 12-18 oz of water? Maybe you could do water on the days you do not feel like juicing…a lot less life-consuming than the celery juice. Also, you might be interested in checking out Ali Miller’s take on celery juice. She is a highly respected registered dietician with a strong whole-foods approach to eating, and she has discussed some of the drawbacks to celery juicing. It is always nice to get information from multiple sources.

  2. Adel says:

    I’m also 2 weeks into a daily celery juice routine every morning, and I must say, after borrowing my dad’s slow juicer, the process is soooo much easier now! Haha I also just wanted to say what a GORGEOUS kitchen you’ve got! Love the wood and the detailing =)

  3. Mary says:

    Hi, im on day 2 and my stomach is so bloated and gassy. I hope it gets better soon. Im pushing through. I definitely noticed im snacking less too.

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