Weekend Wrap Up

Looking at all of my friend’s Instagram and Facebook photos has made me envious of their summer time fun. Unfortunately, the past two weeks in Sydney have only been filled with large amounts of rain, wind and wet feet. So this past weekend was about embracing the rainy day activities.


On Friday night I met up in Newtown for drinks at Corridor. They have the most interesting drink list and I couldn’t resist the green apple and brown sugar one. The way they served this one made me feel extra fancy.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.20.01 PM

I spent Saturday walking through the markets, eating meat pies, and taking a trip to the local movie theatre.


I had almost forgotten how fun it is to watch a good movie when the weather keeps you indoors. In case you haven’t seen or heard of The 100 Foot Journey… You should! For a fun light hearted rom com, this movie was perfect. So even though I am counting down the days till the Australian Summer comes around, the rainy days are almost an okay substitute.

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