Why You Should Learn How To Be Single…Even If You Aren’t Single

As featured on Her Campus Utah

Maybe you are single, maybe you are in a long-term relationship, or maybe you are the master of getting free dinners from Tinder dates or maybe you’re neither of these. No matter what your relationship status is it is important to know how to be single. There is no better time than after February to reflect on just how single or not you may be.

After going from my own extremes of not believing that long-term relationships work to living with my boyfriend, I realized just how easy it can be to become so wrapped up in someone else that you forget about yourself. It is one thing to support your significant other and it is another to let yourself forego opportunities and change yourself to fit that relationship.

There is no shame in being that girl who changes for a boy or makes similar mistakes, because it is going to happen eventually! Learn from these experiences and take the time to focus on who you want to be. It might take ending a relationship to figure this out or maybe it means reflecting on what your goals are and how you plan to get there. If you are reading this article and thinking to yourself: do I know who I am? You might be in this situation.

  • Try something completely new and try it out by yourself. Sometimes this can be scary but you will walk away feeling great and maybe even gain some new friends!
  • When was the last time you went out with just the girls?  These nights are so important even if they don’t seem like it because it gives you time to not only keep up with friends but also to just be a girl and all that that comes with. Sometimes explaining to your boyfriend that when your nails look nice it means your life is together doesn’t quite feel the same as it does with your favorite girlfriends.

  • Pick a goal that is about you and set out steps to achieve it. This could be anything from acing your classes to mastering a new yoga pose to learning a new way to bake the perfect chocolate cake. Find what you love and make your passions and talents goals.

  • Read an inspiring book, maybe it’s a book about finding yourself like Wild or about starting your own business like Delivering Happiness.
  • Travel anywhere, whether it’s a road trip or backpacking across the world nothing makes you more aware of whom you are then being immersed in an entirely different culture.


  • Throw yourself into what you love. Don’t hold back on this one and really commit to your major or writing or photography passion.

  • Learn a new skill, nothing shows us who we are more than when we struggle. Tackle a new skill this could be something fun like wheel pottery or learning how to use hootsuite.
  • Apply for your dream internship or job even if it means leaving your significant other or talking about that being a possibility.

Just because you are taking the time to learn more about yourself and becoming more independent doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Chances are this is going to be hard and there will be highs and lows so expect that and look for support from your friends, family, and yes even your significant other. There is no shame in relying on people it’s important, just as important as knowing you can accomplish something alone.

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