Why You Should Adopt a Morning Routine

I have been the biggest procrastinator when it comes to creating a good morning routine. I valued sleeping in as late as possible for the longest time and now, that just isn’t something that happens. With an hour before I have to leave in the morning, I have really embraced creating and sticking to a routine. Instead of sleeping in, I’m spending most mornings with more intention thanks to my morning routine.


My morning routine

 Wake Up Slow: I am not one to jump out of bed at 7 AM. I like to make sure I am fully awake. Then I get up and put on my comfy robe and UGG boots.

 Make-Up and Hair: The first thing I do is get all of this mess out of the way, that way everything else leading up to work or classes is just fun.

Spend 15 Minutes Stretching: This really helps me want to leave my apartment in the morning. I know once I stretch and get my body moving a little that the rest of the day won’t be so bad. Some days it can take some serious convincing to make this happen, but I am always happy when I do!

Write my To Do List: I make a to do list every day and I list my to do items in order of importance. This helps me know what actually needs to be done and what is just the extra stuff. It’s such a quick way to get motivated and it prevents me from becoming overwhelmed.

Eat Breakfast: This might be my favorite part of the morning routine. Whether I make eggs or just heat up leftovers, this always gets me ready to take on whatever the day holds.

Instagram and Email: I always, always, always, go to my email first thing and categorize all the emails. That way I know what I need to reply to and how long it will take me throughout the day. It’s sort of like email triage. If you didn’t notice I absolutely love Instagram, so I think it is a real treat to leave this to the end of my routine. It gives me a boost of creative inspiration for my day.

Head out the Door: After my morning routine is complete, I am always or almost always prepared for the day ahead and I feel that I have already accomplished something, even if it is small.

Now maybe this routine doesn’t work just right for you, but I would encourage you to play around with creating your own routine. Maybe you need to have 5 minutes of meditation in the morning or instead of breakfast, it’s a cup of tea. Whatever works for you, put it into motion and start doing it every day.

I have recently started using the bedtime tracker on my iPhone and it has really helped me focus on getting enough sleep and sticking to this routine.

These are some of the ways I go into every day inspired and ready to take on #whateverthedaybrings.

What does your morning routine look like?


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