Weekend Reads

I had an amazing time last weekend in NYC for the annual Her Conference. This event featured some of my favorite women in the media industry including Joyce Chang, and panelists who gave insights on how they got where they are and what you can do during college and after graduation to have your dream career. The number one thing I learned from this event was to take advantage of everything around you. Don’t be afraid to go to networking events and hand out business cards, or apply for internships you may be rejected from.
Here are a few photos from the event!


These were a few of our amazing speakers.

rebecca minkoff

I had the chance to meet Rebecca Minkoff at her NYC store.

ambassador power

tinder pic

Tinder created this amazing flower wall and I couldn’t resist taking a million photos in front of it.

view from convene

The view from Her Conference was unbeatable.

prosecco and popsicle

Prosecco and popsicles go hand in hand at the Juicy Couture networking event.

flowers and tassel earrings

Now on to some of my weekend reads! My internship is officially coming to a close, which means that my summer in Boston is also coming to an end. These articles are a variety of places I am trying to see in the next week before headed home and adding to my list of future destinations.

Cannot wait to tick off a few more of these places. 

I have been wanting to go to soulcycle for ages! This article was so great that I booked a class today. 

Definitely making this spot a priority before I leave. 

Might be planning a trip to these amazing walls sooner than planned!

Jess has gone off to Italy and I am absolutely in love with her update.

Reading this article made me get a Snapchat. Add me! 

snap code

What locations are on your wanderlust list?

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