7 Wonders of the Web

Rudimental- Waiting All Night

ONE: Whenever I am traveling, I always make a playlist for the plane or long layovers, but just before I land I play my “get excited for (insert place you are arriving here) song”. This song happened to fall into that category for my trip to Sydney. Partly because my flight went through the night for 16 hours, and partly because I couldn’t wait to see my boyfriend after three months.

This hairdo is a must. The Beauty Department is one of my favorite blogs to go to for makeup and hair inspiration, this style takes a simple bun to a whole new level. I love this idea for after a long flight, or just for after working out. I am all about finding new ways to dress up gross hair.

THREE: How great does this drink sound? With Summer coming and the weather holding up pretty well in Sydney it is the perfect time to sit out and spend a day on the patio.


FOUR: If you are  an aspiring writer or just have to write an essay for school, and want to improve your writing skills, charts like this one can help. Writers Write has some great resources for pretty much everyone.

FIVE: The Sydney Morning Herald had some great tips on travel. If you are looking at going anywhere with busy tourist sites, make sure to read this post first.

SIX: If you don’t already use Book Seer I’m not sure how you are finding books you love. This is my go to for after I have finished a great novel. It searches two databases to pull reviews and recommendations from Amazon and LibraryThing. Also check out my books page to see what I am reading.


SEVEN: When I need some inspiration looking at this post is always useful. Dancers Among Us always has beautiful photography. They have a book you can purchase too. I think it would make a great coffee table book.


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