Don’t Let Wanderlust Get You Down

I am constantly feeling the need to see new places, meet new people and be on the move. This is one of my favorite things and least favorite things.

I’m currently 40 minutes away from the center of Sydney by train, which is amazing! However, it does prevent me from constantly being in the heart of the city and some nights I find it extremely frustrating not to be exactly where I want to be. On the other hand, being right outside of the city has allowed me to meet some great people, experience a new area, and of course I get to go to Koala Park.

I think there are pros and cons to my situation and I wouldn’t change anything because it has allowed me to experience more than just a tourist lifestyle.


But if you are like me, being in a brand new city and trying to get used to a whole new country doesn’t stop you from wanting to be in a million different places. I am constantly working on my pinterest wanderlust board wishing I could fly somewhere new tomorrow.

I am so glad that I am on a year long visa because for the first time I am able to really experience a new culture for more than just a few weeks. Having wanderlust sometimes prevents me from enjoying where I am right now and when I reflect on my first week here, I realize all of the different things that I never would have noticed.

Australian Quirks (from an American)

  • the light switches are turned the wrong way
  • you can find cheap delicious Thai food all the time
  • fast food doesn’t come with free refills
  • winter is still 70 degrees (absolutely perfect)

It is important to remember what you are taught early on to live for the now. This concept may seem silly and very cliche, but at the same time extremely applicable. Take the time to enjoy where you are and don’t let the want of being somewhere new prevent you from being happy.

3 Ways to Love Where you are

  • take pictures: Take five minutes to take pictures and you’ll start to realize how beautiful your surroundings are.
  • look up things to do where you live: Be inspired by Pinterest boards from locals and research fun activities.
  • digital detox: Stop looking at where your friends or favorite bloggers are and just take a day to love where you are right now.

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