The Case of the Missing Boots

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening. I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite time of the year, but it is definitely a shopping highlight. Not only does this sale have amazing markdowns, but it also serves as a reminder that summer is coming to an end and the season of comfy sweaters and scarves is coming.

As much as I love summer, fall and winter by far are the winners. I’m not sure what I would do without the snow. I have had my heart set on getting a pair of over the knee boots for some time now and when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale presented the perfect pair, I wasn’t surprised they sold out in one day. However, this didn’t stop me from calling 5 different Nordstrom locations to find one of the last pairs they had in stock and having them shipped to my apartment.


So I went a little crazy. I called stores and dropped calls because, did I mention I made these calls while on a train? After waiting the 5 business days and constantly checking my UPS tracking it finally said, “delivered.”

But where were my boots?

And this is where the neurotic Bailey came out as I searched for the package and contacted UPS and then Nordstrom. The boots were lost.

Although I am still waiting for the case of the missing boots to be resolved, I cannot stress enough how accommodating Nordstrom has been, from calling other stores to find the shoes to keeping in close contact with me. Thank you Nordstrom for having amazing customer service even during the busiest time. Quick shout out to my friend who dug through trash to see if my boots had accidently fallen in.

After I searched and called Nordstrom and called friends to search, I kept having the same voice in my head saying “well they are just boots” and “it doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things”. These statements are so true, but if they were so true then why did I still care? There are a million things to worry about and obsess over in a day from your work life to whatever the latest new report is, and here I was worried about a pair of super cute over the knee boots.

Well at the end of the day of course the boots don’t really matter, but giving myself a minute to say “this sucks” really helped. I think this is a stage so many people try to skip over, whether it is a break up, or a bad grade, we just try to move forward. We move forward because there are so many people having a bigger crisis. We forget to acknowledge that everyone’s problems matter; big or small, they are real problems in the moment for someone.

So maybe me worrying about my boots didn’t need a whole pity party, but there are many situations that do. I guess this is me giving myself permission to acknowledge when things don’t work out, and to appreciate when they do so much more. Let’s not forget that it’s okay for things to just suck and for you to say it, feel it, and then move forward to all of the things that #SuckaLittleLess.

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