The Best Way to Gather Addresses for Holiday Cards

The holidays are here! I am getting in the holiday spirit with baking, Christmas carols, time with family and my new favorite … writing holiday cards. I have been trying to regularly send letters to friends and family who live far away and even some who live close by. One of the most frustrating things about this is that I had no addresses to start with. That’s right, zero. It seems silly, because we have so many ways to stay in contact but I couldn’t name a single address IRL. Now I have a small list of people that I regularly mail to, but it was so hard to send out emails and facebook messages and then store all these addresses.

Gathering Addresses for Holiday Cards

After reading this article, it gave me the best idea to collect everyone’s address in a google form! I have posted the form on facebook and in different group chats that I have with friends. I think this is such a great way to get as many addresses as possible and have them all in one place. I am going to export this to an excel document where I can update it every year as people move.

Sending holiday cards every year is a great way to keep in touch not only with old friends, but also as a way to network. Send one to an old internship coordinator, or coworkers that you no longer stay in touch with on a regular basis. It’s a great way to say “Hi. I’m thinking about you. Let’s keep in touch” without being disingenuous or annoying. I am so excited to start this holiday tradition as a way to keep track of everyone in my life and to keep them informed too. After collecting all the addresses, my next step is going to be picking a holiday card. Stay tuned to see my favorite picks!

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