When You Have No Space

Traveling will give you lots of things new experiences, good conversation, and once in a lifetime moments, but one thing it lacks is stability. This sounds like such a silly statement, but having your own space and knowing you can settle in it for longer than a couple of months is a luxury when traveling. I remember reading Sarah’s Adventures In Lady Travel and there is a section about getting a single room in a hostel once in a while for your own sanity.

But I think for the long term, I need way more than an occasional single room, I definitely miss having my own space, and being able to set it up just for me. Recently on Pinterest, I have become obsessed with interior design while looking forward to setting up my own small apartment.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite Things

Anthropologie Wallpaper, Kate Spade Duvet Set, Monogrammed Acrylic TrayIkea Headboard,

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