Snap and Save: An Instagram Worthy Day in Sydney on a Budget

Whether you are a Sydney local or a tourist, everyone should experience the beautiful sights this city offers and you can do it on a budget. I’m not a local, but after enjoying Sydney for 16 months, I think I can help.

I recommend going off the beaten path where the locals go because they know the hidden gems. Take a tip from a Sydney local on the best spots in town to get that perfect instagram picture too. If you are anything like me,  your wallet isn’t full, but the following insider tips can help you avoid spending more than you need to.

Get an Opal card: This is the way to travel around the city and bonus … you will get discounts on train, bus, and ferries.

Cash: Bring cash. Many locations charge extra for cards or don’t accept them at all.

Bring your own water: water prices are extremely high and touring the city will make you thirsty, especially in the summer.

Make use of change: the coins you have hanging around in your purse will add up, so make sure to use them even if it’s embarrassing to count them all out.

Australia is known for its amazing coffee. They are the creators of the infamous flat white (now adapted by Starbucks). The best place to start your day with coffee and delicious breakfast is The Boathouse on Blamoral Beach. With stunning ocean views and picturesque décor,  you couldn’t ask for more.


Start off with a signature cappuccino dusted with powdered chocolate in their famous anchor pattern. For breakfast, I suggest the homemade French toast, and don’t forget to snap a picture.


After spending a leisurely morning at The Boat House and a stroll along the beach, visit the local Mosman RSL. These are pubs devoted to veterans and you will find one in every suburb of Sydney. Not only do you get a good feel for the town and locals, but this Mosman RSL has 360 degree views of the beach and city.


By mid afternoon it’s time to jump on a bus and head into the heart of the city, only about a 15 minute ride from Mosman. When you get off the bus you will be in walking distance from the infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge. If it’s not to hot out, I recommend walking the length of the bridge for stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and harbor. If you are lucky, you may see a cruise ship leaving the harbour.


After the long walk across the bridge, (approximately 2 miles) it’s time to head over to Circular Quay. This area is one of the largest tourist attractions. After snapping all your photos of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, head over to The Opera Bar. Although the prices are extremely high, the views can’t be beat. So spend the extra money you saved with these tips, and have a cocktail. You can blame it on me.


If you time your day right, watch the sunset by the bridge. The sunsets in Sydney cannot be beat. While you are walking around the beautiful CBD keep an eye out for Colette Miller’s Angel Wings. The Global Angel Wings Project is to encourage the idea that “every soul in this universe is a star.” So stop by and take your photo in front of the wings!


Sydney has many hidden gems and these are just a few of the standouts. If you are looking for more things to enjoy in Sydney, check out my list below:

The Baxter Inn: An underground prohibition themed bar.

Chat Thai: Possibly the best Thai food in Sydney and beautifully plated dishes.

Adriano Zumbo: If you have a sweet tooth, this is the ideal dessert bar with locations in the casino and QVB you are sure to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Luna Park: For a fun day at an amusement park, go here! Their sign is historically creepy and makes for an amazing photo.

The Missing Piece: If you venture out to the suburbs you can have some of the most beautiful milkshakes ever consumed.

Sydney University: Whether you are walking through their historic campus or just having a drink, this is a beautiful place to visit.

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