7 Wonders of the Web: In Case you Needed a Smile

I have been spending the past few weeks moving into my new apartment and finding jobs. Its all been a little overwhelming and busy, so this post contains all of the things that are currently making me smile or saving my life (not sure what I would do without gumtree).


ONE: It may be Winter here, but summer is on the way…I have already started looking for new bathing suits like this one. Anything Kate Spade catches my eye, but I thought the big bow was very elegant.


TWO: I have a new obsession with inspiration boards. Yes Pinterest is my go to for new ideas or recipes, but I’ve recently been looking at putting up one IRL (in real life). I think this one is unique and would make a great addition to my apartment.


THREE: The fastest way to motivate myself to workout (besides all the health benefits) is fun vibrant work out gear. My newest brand obsession would have to be Lorna Jane, not only are the outfits fun and colorful but her website offers great tips on working out while traveling and some yummy recipes.

FOUR: I just finished watching the O.C. and cannot get over how great this end of the series song is…even if the last season may have sucked big time.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.22.11 PM

FIVE: If you ever need to smile just go to this instagram user. Teddy is almost the cutest dog ever (second to mine of course).

SIX: Not that I do this, but laundry costs money at my new apartment. That’s all I have to say!

SEVEN: if you are going to Australia or England use this site to find an apartment, a job, a surfboard, a new friend, pretty much anything. It has been a life saver!

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