Signs You May be Doing Too Much

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It is easy to say yes to every opportunity that comes around. Maybe you are the person who doesn’t want to waste a chance at getting ahead, or maybe you have FOMO, or maybe you just are scared of saying “no.” No matter what, there always comes a time when you just have too much on your plate and saying yes is just not an option because you’ve already piled on the responsibilities.

You know you’re doing much if…

1. Do you have a free day on your calendar? If you answered no or not for the next 2 weeks it may be time to take something of your schedule.

2. How many clubs or organizations are you part of? If you can’t count them all on one hand, it might be time to make a list and prioritize these. You may find some of these aren’t important to you.

3. Are you getting enough sleep? If you are constantly running half awake and looking exhausted it might mean that you need to sleep more and this will be reflected in your work as well.

4. Are things getting lost in the piles? If you are regularly forgetting to turn in assignments or not showing up to meetings, then you definitely need to cut back. It’s great to be involved, but if you’re not delivering well, you won’t be happy and neither will the people relying on you!


Once you have determined if you need to cut back, there are some really simple ways to do this. Chances are the people who are working with you and asking for your help have also been in your position, don’t be afraid to reach out and be honest! Go through a list of all your commitments and number them from most important to least, then work your way from the bottom up. It may be as simple as sending an email to let an organization know you just need to cut back on your commitments, but that you still want to work with them. Other times you may need to flat out say that you have too much on your plate and apologize for any inconvenience. Either way, if you are honest and open about your situation you can almost 100% guarantee a positive outcome.

After cutting back on your commitments make sure not to just load them back on with new opportunities! It is such an easy habit to fall into, but make sure to say no when needed. If you have a fear of saying no or letting people down here are a few tips to avoiding that.

1. Recommend someone else who might be suitable for the work.

2. Offer to help in a way that isn’t as large of a time commitment.

3. Simply copy and paste this “I would really love to be a part of (insert said project) but unfortunately I am already overcommitted right now! Please keep me in mind for future opportunities.”

College can be overwhelming with endless events and opportunities so make sure to focus on what is important to you, because those are going to be the truly impactful experiences!

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