Redefined College Packing List

college packing list

It’s time to refine that college packing list, there are so many resources online between company lists, your favorite bloggers, and what your college recommends that you are having to rifle through all these recommendations. I remember printing out multiple lists and formatting it into one master list my senior year of high school.  Ultimately there were a few runs to target on move in day and odds and ends that I ordered on amazon but for the most part I went in to move in day #prepared.

Unfortunately there is no on right list because everyone needs different things depending on climate, room size, and personality. Trying to find the ultimate list may be impossible but this list and tips can help you with the basics which you are most definitely going to need. There are a few key items on my list that you may be thinking well why do I need that so I have noted them and here are my reasons.

  • Mini vacuum- because when there is a spider (and there will be) you need a way to get rid of that thing!
  • Tide laundry pods- I am all for you learning how to do your own laundry, but lets get real this is a time saver and a stress saver. You won’t need to figure out the dirty ins and outs of your dorm laundry and that is a good thing
  • First aid kit-Just come prepared, things will come up and the last thing you need to be doing is shopping for a band aid while you are bleeding.

There are a few very key things you can do to make your college move more enjoyable and a little less chaotic.

  • Make sure to contact your roommate (if you have one) before you start purchasing expensive items. As much as we love spending money on unnecessary items it makes much more sense to divide that up and make use of your resources.
  • This is the perfect time to purge all the items that don’t belong, don’t fit, or are just old. Donate, trash, and even sell everything that really doesn’t represent who you want to be in college.
  • If you can get a sneak peak of your dorm room it is a must! This was by far the best thing i did, so check out college tour options and even do some facebook stalking.
  • If you have a class college facebook page it doesn’t hurt to ask what everyone else is bringing either.

Keep in mind that coming prepared to college is important; I had all my design elements and extra power cords and midnight snacks planned out months in advance. So for everyone out there filling their shopping carts with college dorm essentials check out my guide to everything that I found essential.

College Packing List