7 Wonders of The Web World: rainy days edition

This week was pretty relaxed. Since the weather has changed, I have been spending less time outdoors and more inside cuddling up next to the heater. The cool weather also has me cooking more, and I have to say I have improved since the last time I tried to cook.

Don’t get me wrong, food gets everywhere and I use 400 dishes for one meal, so cleaning up is hectic, but I no longer burn or undercook my food. With that said, here is what I have found this week online that you may enjoy.


ONE: I found these travel tips very smart. Personally some of them would take more time to accomplish than the actual problem presented, but if you have the time before  a big trip, try it out. I think number 7 would be handy.

TWO: If you haven’t seen this video yet, you will die! Yes, I will admit I like a good cat video, and the Dear Kitten Commercial has been one of my favorites by far. Do you have a favorite cat video?

THREE: If you are planning to travel, and want cheap airfare this site has been the most reliable for finding consistently cheap prices. I mean having an extra hundred dollars on your next trip can go a long way.

FOUR: I’m not sure why, but when I started watching this video I couldn’t stop.

FIVE: Now one thing I have learned by having minimal clothing is that I need clothing that is basic and can be versatile. This kickstarter campaign is such a great idea! Their T-shirts look super comfortable and good for travel. If you haven’t already checked it out you should. Supporting smaller companies who strive to create and sell responsibly while also having great products is the best way to shop.


SIX: How delicious does this cake look? With this rainy weather holding up the way it has been I will be making this over the weekend.

SEVEN: How cute is this camera? I have been wanting to send pictures home with letters, but I am to lazy to actually go to the store to print them. Not only is this a great travel accessory it would also be convenient.

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