4 Tips for No Regret Packing


When I decided to move to Australia, the first thing I did was make a list of what I wanted to bring. After reviewing that list I basically cut it in half, and then when I was finally packing everything up, I left behind another chunk of items. The main reason my list became so small was because I only brought a Tom Bihn carry on backpack and a Lululemon tote bag. This choice may not be for everyone, but I have had bad luck with luggage ending up in the wrong country and I also didn’t want the pressure of having to carry so much while I am off gallivanting.

Unfortunately I underestimated the Australian winter. I laughed when people said “hey, it’s going to get sorta cold.” Now I am kicking myself for not packing a heavier sweater or more long sleeved shirts.

I also don’t want to be spending heaps of money on clothing, because I would rather spend it on food or a fun night out. But, I finally broke down and bought a cheap cozy sweater and a pair of Australian Ugg boots. You know what they say, when in Rome.

Consequently, not having the right clothing has made me more creative with my style. I have had to experiment with layering items and I am learning how to wear tights without ripping them.

Lastly, I have had to learn how to wear my boyfriend’s button downs and sweaters when I have no clothing left because it rained on the clothing I put out to dry. This is the start of the Australian winter. There aren’t really any extreme weather conditions right now, only small changes that are already challenging my 30 items of clothing.

I of course have a few recommendations for next time you find yourself packing for an extended stay. Hope you enjoy these 4 tips for no regret packing.

4 Tips for No Regret Packing

  • Do not laugh at other peoples packing hints: like I said I did not heed the warnings that it would not be fun summer times in the middle of winter.
  • Think big picture: when you are packing don’t just pack one great outfit, instead pack multiple versatile pieces.
  • Always always pack a jacket: I almost didn’t pack my leather jacket because I thought it would be bulky, but now I cant imagine not having it.
  • Be flexible: when you realize you didn’t pack enough, just go with the flow and borrow, get creative, or go out and buy what you need. Your trip should not be deterred due to fashion mishaps.

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