Never Ending Netflix: 3 Rules to Becoming More Productive

I love Netflix. You know how Oprah loves bread? Well, that’s how I feel about Netflix. I joke that I’ve seen everything on Netflix, but the truth is I am definitely running out of content to watch.

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That got me thinking .. what could I do with all that time? I could probably spend more time reading, crafting, developing my writing, and the list goes on. As I thought about all the time devoted to my Netflix addiction, I realized I was four years behind where I could be on some things. All that time invested in Gilmore Girls could have gone to learning about developing an amazing instagram account, or so many other things.

I know I need some sort of release from constantly doing things, but I am going to try to drastically reduce my Netflix intake.

My Netflix Challenge

Here are the rules I am giving myself, rules that hopefully will make me a little bit more productive and ultimately happier.

  • No more full binge days (unless it’s scheduled in advance): This rule has a little leniency because I am all about a good movie marathon or Project Runway day, but I want it to be a more social event, something I do with friends and candy. This is not supposed to be a normal Saturday.

  • Limit Netflix to 2 hours a day max: I am giving myself more than an hour, but less than any real chunk out of my day. A lot of the time I get home from work or school and Netflix is immediately on. Now I am going to try and opt for some good music and a book instead.

  • If you need to watch something, make it educational: This is a rule I think will help me in the long run.  I enjoy getting information through a video so why can’t this apply to educational videos? I’m not talking about Schoolhouse Rock, but videos from Marie Forleo and documentaries on the fashion industry. If I am going to binge watch anything it is going to be productive!

Join me on my challenge to go from a Netflix nuisance to a #productivememberofsociety.

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