My Plea for More Sundays

It seems that I have lost the art of the Sunday, you know the type of Sunday when you sleep in, get a leisurely brunch and then spend the rest of your day relaxing. Instead, Sundays have become a day to prepare for Monday, so really just an extra Monday in my week. It’s making me miss my two day weekend, not to mention my three-day ones. This Sunday I made it a priority to take it a little slower. Of course, this was more doable because of the three day week at school but still, you have to start somewhere.

My Plea for More Sundays

Here is how I spent my most Sunday of Sundays.

I slept in. I didn’t sleep till noon but I slept till 9 and I think that’s pretty good. Better than sleeping in though, was just not rushing to get out of bed.

I went to yoga. A couple hours after I woke up I went to a yoga class for an hour. This was by far the most important thing I did all day. I have been trying to make more time for working out and somehow I just never do. But getting out of bed and taking a yoga class to start my week was one of my better decisions.

Got brunch with friends. Brunch is my favorite meal, because it can be any meal, or a combo of all the meals. Going out for brunch with my friends is a real treat because we are all busy and usually just eat late night dinners out. Having an hour or two to just sit and talk and gorge on good food was a great reward.

I watched some Gilmore Girls. I am queen of the binge watch so making this part of my relaxing Sunday seemed inevitable. I watched a couple episodes while I recuperated from brunch!

Cleaned the apartment. Nothing is more relaxing then cleaning when you don’t feel pressured to clean. I don’t know about you but blasting my favorite Pandora station (currently the Christmas one) and cleaning up is a good time.

This week has started off on the right foot and has inspired me to try to start every week like this. Do you think embracing a more leisurely Sunday is possible?

Let’s make our Sundays more Sunday.

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