4 Tips to Enjoy a Working Holiday

travel lifestyle.jpgSince I arrived in Sydney, Australia, I have found it so hard to decide how much of my life is allowed to be consumed by a vacation mentality versus getting back to real life.

My vacation mentality includes spending more than I should, sleeping in, avoiding emails, and things I have to do, and being a tourist in general.

When you find yourself traveling for a few months or a year like me, on a limited budget, you need to make concessions. It has been so easy for me to just relax and do nothing but soak in the Australian sun. Since I will be here for about a year, I need to get a job and look for apartments. All things that are very important to my stay here, but that I have put on the backburner. Who wouldn’t rather see the sights of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House?

So after spending about five days here I have found my middle ground, somewhere where I can still enjoy the vacationing and at the same time get done what needs to be done. I’m not going to spend my time here stressing over the little things (even though it is so easy to do), but at the same time I am going to accomplish things.

4 Tips to Enjoy a Working Holiday

  • Make a List: Get a fun new notepad, like this, and write once a day or a week about what you want to do and what you need to do.
  • Treat Yourself: Whatever this means to you; a night out on the town, seeing the beach, sleeping in, or going to your favorite bakery.
  • Cook Things you Like: You are on vacation! Make time to have a meal you enjoy. Don’t only make Top Ramen. Enjoy a good Fruit Salsa or your favorite recipe.
  • Take Pictures: Just taking the time to stop and snap makes you appreciate where you are.

Don’t forget, even though you are on a budget and need to get some work done doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the whole reason for traveling.

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