Friday Favs

Alright, guys, this was supposed to go up yesterday evening as part of an ongoing series of some of my favorite things that I have seen over the week. Unfortunately, I got into a car accident last night and didn’t get home until pretty late. I am totally fine, the car is a little less fine though. All I have to say is I didn’t see this as my way to start out 2018. Which is why this article from Mackenzie really spoke to me last night. If your 2018 is not going quite as you planned let’s ban together and promise that we will get it back on track, the year is not a wash.

Friday Favs

You can expect to see some of my favorites every Friday though! And if you have any favorites leave them in the comments!

19 Habits That Will Improve Your Life In 2018: This article has some great challenges and tips to make the most of your 2018. I don’t know if I am ready to tackle all of them, but I am definitely inspired to pick my top habits that I want to work on and use this as a great guide.

These shoes: I cannot stop wearing these Feather Pom Pom Slides! I thought I would only wear them once in a while, but they are the fastest way for me to pull an outfit together and still be super comfortable. Plus they are under $100 so they won’t break the bank.

Digit: You may have heard me rave about this app before, but it is truly a great way to jump into your savings goals with little to no effort. Basically, the app automatically saves small amounts for you without you knowing. I let this app sit for a couple weeks and all of a sudden I had saved $1000.

Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech: Everyone has been sharing this speech and I am following on that trend! Waking up Monday morning and listening to this really put me in the best mood and got me through the long work week.

This recipe from Nom Nom Paleo: I am on day 12 of the Whole30 and still going strong. Nom Nom Paleo has some amazing recipes and this is one that I am going to be making over the weekend.

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