December Playlist

Happy December! The final month of 2016 has arrived and if I wasn’t excited enough, it is snowing in Salt Lake today. In case you didn’t know, snow is my favorite.


December is always a bittersweet month because there is so much going on and we are starting to say goodbye to the year. 2016 has been an amazing year and I am not quite ready to say goodbye, so I won’t. I am going to be filling the month of December with so much fun and even a few trips before the year is up.

Last month I talked about some of my little goals to accomplish before the arrival of 2017. I am happy to say that I am well on my way to getting through all of them. I’ll be writing more about sticking with goals and following through soon. Have you finished any of your 2016 goals?

The stress is on for the next couple of weeks with the semester ending. I have final projects and exams that are starting to fill my schedule and then there is all the holiday decorating that is about to begin. With the studying and time that I will be spending at home, I will be needing some serious inspiration. For me that starts with blasting my favorite songs, sipping on coffee and watching the snow fall. Check out this December playlist to get your holiday inspiration on. I hope it gives you that extra push to get through finals.


 Stay warm and stay focused, 2017 is almost here.


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