Why it’s Okay to be Colorful

Groundhog day is always a reminder that we should not let the mundane get us down! The infamous movie, Groundhog Day taught me to always try and find the excitement in the most boring days. It’s something many people are afraid to do. There is a stigma that spending time on making things pretty is superficial, however in a world with stress and bad news and lots of grey, (winter in SLC is nothing but grey) it is important to bring color into your own life and the lives of the people around you.

We should be mindful of our day to day activities and approach them with purpose, but more importantly we should remember to have a little sparkle in our life!

Pinterest always reminds me that it’s easy to make your own life colorful even in the simplest ways.

Here are some of my favorite posts from my inspiration board:

golden state



girl boss



future truth

I have been making an effort this semester to brighten up my day to day life and have found it really helps me feel more excited about Mondays or midterms. I like to use highlighters and fun colored pens on my calendar, not only because color coding is awesome but because it makes the week look so much more exciting and a little less daunting. I am also obsessed with holidays! I like to make a small DIY whenever I can and holidays are the perfect time. For Halloween I decorated mini pumpkins and gave them to my friends. Be on the lookout for some Valentine’s Day crafts!

How do you plan to make your own life colorful?

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