Bringing Your Own Joy to Social Media

Guys, it’s time to get real. I have spent the past few years absolutely in love with social media. IN LOVE! This is no joke when people talk about disconnecting or the downsides to social I just scoffed and found a million reasons why those people were wrong. But over the past two weeks, I have been feeling (for basically the first time ever) a hate for social media.

Bringing Your Own Joy to Social Media

A few things have changed over the past couple years, one is that my full-time job is to run social media accounts and that means I have to be online a good portion of the day. So last week the Monday after the Las Vegas shooting I sat on Facebook all day and did not disconnect once. That day had a huge impact on millions of people, people who were in no way connected to the events because of social media. It hit me harder than I expected and I am sure it did the same to countless others. My happy go lucky attitude of just how great social media always is and will be changed a little and since then I have been getting annoyed at seeing complaints and people being rude and jokes that aren’t funny online. SO, I made some changes!

Bringing Your Own Joy to Social Media

I know you are waiting to hear how now I only spend an hour a day online, but then I wouldn’t be the girl that loved social media. Instead, I have been cleaning up my social. I have been unfollowing pages that I followed in college to get a free cookie, I have deleted friends that I don’t know, I have filled my Pinterest board with inspiration, and so many other things. As I began this social media clean up, I did it just for myself and to start getting rid of crap that didn’t represent me anymore, but it turned into so much more. My social media should be an escape for other people too! I don’t want to contribute to noise, instead, I am choosing to be thoughtful and impactful in my own way.

Bringing Your Own Joy to Social Media

Check out these amazing accounts if you are seeking a little more joy on social media:

Oh Happy Day

The Pretty Penny Girl

Aynsley Ovard

Stanley Doodle Gram (I couldn’t leave him out)

Female Collective

Bringing Your Own Joy to Social Media

I am challenging you to do the same as I did and spread some love by cleaning up your social media accounts and making them the best representation of you! And I would love to know how you interact with social media when it isn’t bringing you joy?


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