A Gift For The Host

Everyone knows that when you go to a party you should “never show up empty handed” and as of late I have become a believer in this. Whether it is a dessert or a little gift, the extra thought really counts. In case you don’t have as much time as I do to look on Pinterest, I’ve posted some of my favorite gift ideas.

I also really like a good DIY gift and here are some of my favorites

pineapple champagne

 I am attempting to make this champagne pineapple soon (check out my instagram to see how it goes)

mini donuts

These are the most adorable donuts and look pretty simple to make. With Summer right around the corner I think they would make a perfect BBQ snack

flower arrangement

When in doubt, flowers are a great choice, and this is how to add a little personal touch

Chocolates and Champagne, Mini Donuts, or A Personal Flower Arrangement 

And when you don’t have any time, keep a couple of these on hand especially during the Holiday season

Cute Note

If I get these for myself can I still give them to friends?


During cookie baking season these are my absolute favorite

A candle

I keep seeing this candle and I just couldn’t help but share it

Cute Notepads, My favorite spatulas, A candle 

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