5 Reasons I am Obsessed With Katie Waltman

There is no avoiding it, if you’ve met me, seen my closet, or stalked me on instagram then you should know how much I love this store! Katie Waltman is a Utah local boutique that has handmade jewelry and some of the most unique clothing pieces.

The store has developed from one small location to two as well as an online shop in only 2 years. The growth of this boutique has been an inspiration to me with my own dreams of continuing to grow my business, it’s great to see a Utah local grow such a successful business.

Here are the 5 reasons I am obsessed with Katie Waltman

  1. All of the jewelry is made in the USA.
  2. The store always is bringing in new items.
  3. Katie Waltman’s instagram is to die for.
  4. Everything is reasonably priced.
  5. You can even order jewelry specially made for what you need.

Anytime I go shopping I try to find basic pieces that are still able to stand out and most importantly items that I don’t see everyday.

Here are some of my favorite pieces below!






If you love delicate uncommon jewelry and one of the best shopping experiences then be sure to check out this store either online or in person!

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