4 Trees For Every Space

I spent this weekend getting in the Christmas spirit. I spent Saturday crafting for my secret santa gifts and attending an Ugly Christmas Sweater party (my favorite kind of party). Sunday morning I picked out a tree with my parents. This is one of my favorite family traditions. We always take a day to go to our favorite Christmas tree lot and wander through all the trees until we find the perfect one.


I realized that even though I have the space and the money this year to get a big traditional tree, there are so many situations where itโ€™s not possible. When I was living in Australia, I celebrated one Christmas there and I was determined to find a way to fit a tree into my small studio apartment. Challenge number one was that there were no real trees readily available and challenge number two was that I had absolutely no space. But I was determined, and trekked myself down to the Kmart and bought a small fake tree that stood at the foot of my bed. In retrospect it didnโ€™t really fit in the apartment and was not the nicest fake tree but it did itโ€™s job of putting me in the Christmas spirit.

I scoured Pinterest this past week looking for options for people who donโ€™t have the space or the want for a big tree. I have to say it made me really think about whether I wanted a traditional tree this year. Whether you are living in the dorms, a small studio, or enjoying a roomy house I have a few unique options that will suit your space and budget.



I am really excited about these and may even be recreating one for my own apartment. Have you ever tried a nontraditional Christmas tree?


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