24 Hours In Boston

I searched and scoured the internet before arriving in Boston to try and find all the best restaurants, the most gramable locations, the unique shopping spots, etc. Pinterest gave me these links:




Now I have to say these have been reliable and amazing places, many of which I have become a regular at, but to say the least the Boston city guides left me wanting for more. Which is where I come in. I am here to find the secret spots and most importantly share them with you. This is the first of many posts to come but it’s the down and dirty where to go and what to see if you are only here for a brief period of time.


Morning Coffee at Tatte Bakery, I highly recommend basically anything here, but in order to fit in as much of the good food as possible stick with a coffee and an Instagram pic. I often times work at the adorable marble tables and enjoy my iced vanilla latte.


Brunch at Stephanie’s: If you haven’t already heard of this place then you are living under a rock it is the place to be for brunch. Packed with tourists and locals alike. I recommend the bagels and lox.


Newbury street is home to high-end shopping, but don’t miss Amorino gelato. They shape the ice cream into beautiful flowers. And a secret, all the macarons are filled with gelato…shhhh.


After being completely stuffed I recommend taking a break and sit out on the Esplanade for some sightseeing and relaxing. This area has some of the most beautiful views of the river and if you are feeling adventurous spend some time paddle boarding.


Now that you have taken a quick break and lounged like a local it’s time to hit the ground running and check out some of the Freedom Trail. Head over to Quincy Market and follow the freedom trail to the Boston Public Market. Here you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables. Keep your eye out for the raw bar and enjoy some fresh oysters and clams at a fraction of the price.



Once you have made your way through the market and put back a few oysters I recommend heading to the North End for some authentic Italian cooking. If you haven’t completely gorged yourself on pizza head to Mike’s Pastry for one of the famous cannolis. Keep in mind it is cash only at Mike’s.

Boston has proven to be one of the most delicious and exciting cities on the east coast, so be sure to check it out and let me know your favorite spots. I can’t wait to go back soon and share more of my #favoritespots.

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