4 Crock Pot Recipes to Make this Week Easier

I have never been great at meal planning. One week I plan all my meals and have everything ready and the next week it’s Lucky Charms and McDonald’s french fries. I’m much happier when I have meals ready for the week which is why the Crock Pot has become my best friend. Either my roommate or I will start something… View Post

Weekend Reads

It has been such a great start to the month! I have been enjoying listening to my favorite Christmas songs and they are helping me slowly chip away at the goals I wrote out earlier this week. I hope you all are going to have a relaxing weekend and be sure to follow along with what I’m doing on my… View Post

3 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are in and they are staying in forever, as far as I’m concerned. These scarves not only serve as the warmest solution to the cold fall mornings, but are also beyond comfy for late nights in the library or better yet, chilly plane rides. I used to be a firm believer that infinity scarves were the only way… View Post

6 Little Goals For 2016

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The first day of November is over and I am beyond excited for this month. Not only is November the start of my Christmas celebrations, but it is also a great time to reflect back on 2016 and give yourself a last little push. Here are a few of my goals for the rest of… View Post

Why You Should Adopt a Morning Routine

I have been the biggest procrastinator when it comes to creating a good morning routine. I valued sleeping in as late as possible for the longest time and now, that just isn’t something that happens. With an hour before I have to leave in the morning, I have really embraced creating and sticking to a routine. Instead of sleeping in,… View Post

Fall Bucket List

Fall has officially sprung. I can’t get over how fast the weather has changed in Salt Lake City. It’s as if I woke up and the whole city got a dose of pumpkin spice. You better believe that my Hunter Boots are out and about and I am overdosing on all things pumpkin. I hate to say it but I… View Post

Weekend Reads

Happy Saturday! Fall break is finally here and I am so excited to spend some time traveling, reading, and eating. Hopefully, you all are enjoying the change in colors and starting to kick it into gear for all things fall. I got to spend a good portion of my week decorating my house and baking which has inspired some of… View Post

DIY Party Like A Pineapple Party

It’s my final farewell to summer. Even though fall began over a week ago, I have been holding on to the last bits of sun and maybe even pretending I was still in July. Over the summer I had a Party Like a Pineapple party. It was one of my favorite things I did this summer, and I had a… View Post

Weekend Reads

I am spending my weekend indoors and some serious time reading and cleaning. I recently finished this book and am so excited to bring it to life in my own apartment. Check out what’s been on my reading list and how I am spending my first couple weekends of fall! These delicious mimosas. Check out my Halloween Pinterest board for inspiration!… View Post

Take Time for (more) Fun

I have been feeling like I’m  spending my days doing so much and not getting anything actually done. Filling my days with meetings and homework and mind numbing excel sheets doesn’t always equal productive results. While yes, all these things have to get done, I have decided to take on the challenge of tackling something a little bit different and… View Post