How to Get Your RSA

I am currently facing the hard job of finding a job. For everyone looking for short term work with little to no experience, you understand the struggle. I apply to about 10-15 jobs a day from online sources or walking by help wanted signs. It’s hard not to feel defeated when you are getting no replies, or only rejections. Right… View Post

7 Wonders of The Web World: rainy days edition

This week was pretty relaxed. Since the weather has changed, I have been spending less time outdoors and more inside cuddling up next to the heater. The cool weather also has me cooking more, and I have to say I have improved since the last time I tried to cook. Don’t get me wrong, food gets everywhere and I use… View Post

Book Review

I ate this meal all week. Hashbrowns, toast, fried egg, topped with BBQ sauce. This past week I got a package in the mail from my mom. I don’t know about you, but mail makes me extremely excited. At home I used to check the mailbox everyday and if I knew a package was coming, I checked two times. My… View Post

4 Tips for No Regret Packing

When I decided to move to Australia, the first thing I did was make a list of what I wanted to bring. After reviewing that list I basically cut it in half, and then when I was finally packing everything up, I left behind another chunk of items. The main reason my list became so small was because I only… View Post

7 Wonders of the Web

Rudimental- Waiting All Night ONE: Whenever I am traveling, I always make a playlist for the plane or long layovers, but just before I land I play my “get excited for (insert place you are arriving here) song”. This song happened to fall into that category for my trip to Sydney. Partly because my flight went through the night for… View Post

Don’t Let Wanderlust Get You Down

I am constantly feeling the need to see new places, meet new people and be on the move. This is one of my favorite things and least favorite things. I’m currently 40 minutes away from the center of Sydney by train, which is amazing! However, it does prevent me from constantly being in the heart of the city and some… View Post

4 Tips to Enjoy a Working Holiday

Since I arrived in Sydney, Australia, I have found it so hard to decide how much of my life is allowed to be consumed by a vacation mentality versus getting back to real life. My vacation mentality includes spending more than I should, sleeping in, avoiding emails, and things I have to do, and being a tourist in general. When… View Post