Why I Dropped Out and Back Into School

As Featured on Her Campus Freshmen year in college has to be one of the hardest years you will experience. Moving out of home and learning how to manage health, studies, and a social life is an overwhelming experience filled with lots of ups and downs. I had a teacher describe freshmen year as the time when you will cry… View Post

Best Bottoms for Bikes

When the weather is nice biking on campus is one of the best and worst things to happen to the University of Utah. The worst because every five seconds you need to be looking to make sure you don’t accidently walk in between a bike pathway. The best, because its quick exercise in your everyday life and because it gets… View Post

A Gift For The Host

Everyone knows that when you go to a party you should “never show up empty handed” and as of late I have become a believer in this. Whether it is a dessert or a little gift, the extra thought really counts. In case you don’t have as much time as I do to look on Pinterest, I’ve posted some of… View Post

When You Have No Space

Traveling will give you lots of things new experiences, good conversation, and once in a lifetime moments, but one thing it lacks is stability. This sounds like such a silly statement, but having your own space and knowing you can settle in it for longer than a couple of months is a luxury when traveling. I remember reading Sarah’s Adventures… View Post

Morning Breakfast Bowl

In keeping with my week of home cooked meals, I have also been eating at least three meals a day. I’ve always been the type of person who can go until 2:00 pm without a bite to eat and then get crazy hangry, and eat gross amounts of food. It’s only my third day of having all three meals, but… View Post

Where I Was a Year Ago

This time last year, I found myself in another new place experiencing new adventures much like this past year. I spent a little over a week in Arezzo, Italy, where my grandparents have lived for the past few years. I had an amazing time with my family spending most days sightseeing and nights with good food and drinks … and… View Post

5 Recipes For a No Waste Challenge

I don’t know what it is, but lately all I see online is food. New recipes, fresh fruits, pressed juices, decadent deserts. It’s a problem. I have compiled a list of my top five recipes I want to try this week. I always seem to struggle with either buying food for recipes and then never making them, or buying too… View Post

J.Crew Valentines Day Outfit

  One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is that it seems to be one of the first days where Spring colors come out in Australia. Everyone puts on their best pink and red for the occasion stepping away from the grey and navy of Winter. I wore a J. Crew button down and J. Crew flared skirt now… View Post

Australia Day

It’s my first Australia Day in the country, last year we celebrated in Salt Lake City in the snow. With 90 degree weather, snags, Aussie flags, and a slip n slide ready to go I am ready for the festivities! For those that aren’t in Australia there is a great radio station called Triple J and every year they do… View Post


After five weeks of traveling I am back home in Sydney. Here are a few snapshots from my trip to South East Asia: The monkeys at the Batu Caves steel any soda or bananas, even if they are in your purse! When we got to Bali they were celebrating Hindu Christmas. Amazing resort on Koh Samui called Deva Samui. Long… View Post