flowers and tassel earrings

Hey Guys! My name is Bailey Carver, I am a college senior living in Salt Lake City (at least for the most part). Beautiful Detour is about never putting life on hold, it is about living for the right  now and not the right time.

After finishing my first year of college I had made amazing friends, had great teachers, and overall had a  great experience. The strangest part about all of that is that I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more opportunity to  figure out what I wanted to learn, more opportunity to write, and more opportunity to see the world and  meet people. I found myself looking at trips I wanted to take and kept telling myself it either wasn’t the right time or I didn’t have money or that it was just a crazy idea to pick up and travel.

But then I did it, I spent a year and a half living in Sydney Australia and traveling through Southeast Asia. After this amazing experience I have realized that it is possible to do the impossible. Beautiful Detour is here to show you how you can do whatever it is that matters to you.

This blog is here as a source of information for those like me with an appetite for good food, fashion to die for, and the need to see it all.

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