Travel Guide: Mystic Hot Springs

Now that I have officially graduated and started my “adult” job (working full time), I have been trying to find ways to really take advantage of the weekends in Utah. It can be so easy to just put on a Netflix show and binge away the weekend but I was determined that this past weekend would be different.

bath tub

After scouring Instagram throughout the week, I stumbled on Mystic Hot Springs. Mystic Hot Springs is in Monroe Utah, just over two hours outside of Salt Lake City and it has some of the most picturesque hot springs to spend the day relaxing. My friend Sydney and I jumped in the car with some Oreos and music and started the trip down to Monroe. The drive down is filled with beautiful mountains and green as far as the eye can see. We lucked out driving and had bright blue skies.

Hot Springs Waterfall

When you arrive at the hot springs, go to the front office and check in. It’s only $16 for the day and you’ll get a map to show you where all the pools are. It’s a little bit of a steep slope to get up to the pools but definitely worth it. I recommend bringing your own towel, water, and a good book (if you are going alone). The best part about Mystic Hot Springs is the bath tub hot springs. These tubs have become part of the red rock and one of the most Instagrammable spots I have seen.

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Mystic Hot Springs

tub in red rock

We spent a couple of hours just relaxing in the hot springs before heading back to the city. The hot springs have camping and cabins available as well as buses that have been converted into rooms. The accommodations look fun and inviting but are definitely for those who like the outdoors. If you enjoy camping, then this is the place for you.

dead head bus

bus camping

I am trying to make these little adventures a more regular occurrence. I think it helps break up the week and definitely makes the work week fly by when you are excited about your Saturday plans.

Bath tub

How do you take advantage of your weekend?



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