Tone it Up Tuesday

The winter slump has arrived. I don’t know why this happens to me every year, but I start to wear leggings and big crew neck sweaters non-stop. Not to say that this is a bad look, but it definitely doesn’t motivate me to get out of bed (and with school starting that is becoming very important).

Tone it Up Tuesday

After interning at Her Campus in Boston over the summer, I was inspired by their “Tone it Up Tuesday” attire. Every Tuesday they wear gym gear to work. This really helped me feel less stressed out about dressing professionally every day and it gave me the little extra push to work out at least once a week. I’m going to implement “Tone it Up Tuesday” into my own life because it’s time to get out of the winter slump.

Check out a few of the items that I am loving that are inspiring my Tone it up Tuesday!

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