The Ultimate Guide to Binge Watching

I have been a Gilmore Girls fan for the longest time, so when they announced the Netflix revival “A Year in the Life” I just about cried. My mom and I spent last Friday watching all the new episodes and gorging on leftover pie and mini quiche. It was one of the best binge watching days I have had in a long time which is why I have created your guide to the ultimate binge watching day.



Let’s start with the snacks. As much as I love posts with elaborate homemade pop tarts and fresh cake pops to fuel binge watching days, the reality is that we don’t always have time for that. Especially on a day that is meant for lounging and gorging. Try out some of these simple options to keep you full and satisfy every craving.

Cheez Its: My favorite combo is half Hot & Spicy flavored and half Four Cheese flavored in a bowl.

Supersized Pretzels: Pop these in the oven for your own at home movie theater snack.

Flatbread Pizza: whether you find these in your local supermarket or make your own it is sure to be a great addition.

Bowls of your favorite candy: For me this is Reeses Pieces and mini Milky Way bars, but feel free to get creative.

Ice Cream (of course): Make sure to have your freezer stocked because eventually you will want some.


Loungewear is a must. If you are still in jeans, you are doing binge watching wrong. Check out some of my favorite pjs and loungewear below.


Three binge watching options. If you are already on Netflix, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices you have to binge watch, so here are a few good options help you get started.

The Crown: This show caught my attention mainly because I didn’t know anything about it. If you like history, a good drama, and are obsessed with the royal family, then you won’t be let down.

Magic City: This is a mobesque series that will keep you on your toes and clicking play next episode.

A Year In The Life: I can’t say how awesome this show is, and best of all it’s a series you can finish in a day. (Or you can binge watch Gilmore Girls first.)

Your next binge watching day could be the most relaxing day of the year, so take advantage and don’t cut any corners. Eat that extra scoop of ice cream and wrap yourself up in the coziest sweater you can find. You can back to the #slaying tomorrow.

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