Rompers and White Blazers

I have a love for my white blazer, but rarely a reason to wear it. I bought this jacket 2 years ago and have worn it all of five times (no regrets). Sumer is the only time I can break this blazer out and it definitely dresses up any outfit. These shoes were on my wish list for awhile and… View Post

White Jeans & J.Crew

I am absolutely in love with these cool summer mornings, there is no denying the impending heat but for now I am living it up. With the new season, I have been switching over from my winter to summer clothing, and I didn’t waste any time breaking in my white jeans. I recently moved into my own apartment, and while… View Post

Snap and Save: An Instagram Worthy Day in Sydney on a Budget

Whether you are a Sydney local or a tourist, everyone should experience the beautiful sights this city offers and you can do it on a budget. I’m not a local, but after enjoying Sydney for 16 months, I think I can help. I recommend going off the beaten path where the locals go because they know the hidden gems. Take… View Post

Why We Need More Body Love According to Mary Lambert

As seen on Her Campus There is no denying the media and societal pressure that is put on girls growing up as well as women in the workforce. But, what pressure are we putting on ourselves to meet these impossible standards, and how do we move forward from that?  You can blame the pressures on Vogue magazine’s photo shopping, and… View Post

The Different Types of Long Distance Relationships

As featured on Her Campus Utah I have been in a long distance relationship for over two years now and at some points it has been more long distance than other times. I have gone from many extremes from living together to living over 8,000 miles apart. My boyfriend is Australian and therefore, lives in Australia. If you are or… View Post

5 Reasons I am Obsessed With Katie Waltman

There is no avoiding it, if you’ve met me, seen my closet, or stalked me on instagram then you should know how much I love this store! Katie Waltman is a Utah local boutique that has handmade jewelry and some of the most unique clothing pieces. The store has developed from one small location to two as well as an… View Post

Why You Should Learn How To Be Single…Even If You Aren’t Single

As featured on Her Campus Utah Maybe you are single, maybe you are in a long-term relationship, or maybe you are the master of getting free dinners from Tinder dates or maybe you’re neither of these. No matter what your relationship status is it is important to know how to be single. There is no better time than after February… View Post

Valentine Love

I spent my Valentine’s Day or rather week really picking out the people and things in my life that I love. I took a week and wrote cards, hung out with friends, reached out to old friends that I hadn’t talked to in a while, and pinpointed some of my favorite items and activities. As much as I love receiving… View Post

Why it’s Okay to be Colorful

Groundhog day is always a reminder that we should not let the mundane get us down! The infamous movie, Groundhog Day taught me to always try and find the excitement in the most boring days. It’s something many people are afraid to do. There is a stigma that spending time on making things pretty is superficial, however in a world… View Post

An Open Letter To My Friends Who Post Political Opinions Online

Originally published on Her Campus Utah If you are part of my Facebook feed you are (hopefully) someone I enjoy spending time with, want to stay connected to, or you just post enviable photos. You  might be someone I met Freshman year at orientation and never saw again; either way you are someone I have decided is worth having in… View Post