When You Are Stuck Home for the Holidays

This time last year I spent the 7 weeks traveling through South East Asia and those weeks were some of the best and most exciting moments of my life. This year I am lucky to get to spend Christmas with my family in the snow covered valley of Salt Lake City! Although I am looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning with breakfast and an evening watching the heat miser, part of me wishes I was traveling for part of this winter break.

elephant rides

I am fortunate enough to spend this break working at my school and taking the time to get ready for the coming semester. Even with family, friends, work, and relaxation I still find myself checking skyscanner once a day looking for the cheapest flights out of the country. Just in case I find a round the world ticket for under $300, rational I know.

So here are some of my tips on how to spend your break if you can’t leave your hometown this winter break.

  1. Stop checking skyscannerchances are you are only torturing yourself by doing this
  2. Book a weekend at a local hotel: there is nothing like a good staycation to help ease those wanderlust pains.
  3. Plan out your next trip: If you know when you’ll be traveling next start getting excited by booking flights and picking up that lonely planet…there is no such thing as being over prepared
  4. Start a Project: I am making all my Christmas presents for friends who go home for the holidays for when they get back on campus. This means some serious DIY time!
  5. Read a book: nothing helps me escape where I am more than getting lost in a good story.

With all of these things in mind it’s important to remember to appreciate where you are right now. Enjoy spending time with your family and throw yourself into whatever it is you choose to work on. Otherwise you may just find yourself wishing away another week, and never really absorb the perfect place you are in right now.

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